ASK DAN Cafe Catch Up 082

The power of using our GUT instinct to make decisions.

Today was a fascinating Cafe Catch up. We had David join us from the UK where he shared about his ‘success’ of having too many clients wanting to book up with him…(a common issue as you become widely known in your area). We had a great discussion of the pros of using our gut instinct & the ‘Power of the pack’ to help dogs socialise and towards the end of the call we experienced on in real time how dogs ‘feel’ using their gut instinct. If you only watch the last 10 mins of this recording its a great example of the difference between thinking (and being in the head) and feeling into what is happening (and being in the body and then using gut instinct). This is where the genius lies, being in the ‘zone’ just knowing what to do next without having to go up into the head and work it out. Enjoy.


Onwards and upwards!
Dan :wink: