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ASK DAN Cafe Catch Up 069

Getting 2022 off to a great start with Daniel and Clarissa Today Daniel, Clarissa and I chatted about the psychology of sales and what really gets clients to say yes. We touched on the power of goal setting, how to stay safe around dangerous dogs and how to vary consultations to suit a clients personality. […]

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ASK DAN Cafe Catch Up 068

All is well that ends well – Christmas 2021 After a crazy 2021 a few of us gathered a couple of days after Christmas for one last catch up before heading into 2022. It felt like the reaching of the top of a mountain…unsure if there would be another mountain to follow….Only time will tell! […]

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ASK DAN Cafe Catch Up 067

An energetic Cafe Catch Up indeed… Well this cafe catch up had it all! Some discussion about aggressive dogs, a few new faces a couple of old ones and a few tears from myself as I remember one of the most moving consults I have ever done. We touched on so much its hard to […]

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ASK DAN Cafe Catch Up 066

Bringing more life to your consults Today we chatted about how to balance the staying on track with the consult and achieving the goal of the Dog Calming Code AND at the same time ensuring that people were happy and enjoying the experience. It can sometimes be a juggle knowing the next best move however […]

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