ASK DAN Cafe Catch Up 075

1-on-1 Cafe Catch Up call with Amber

Today Amber, her new puppy and I had a fun Cafe Catch up call… We actually had a great chat touching on a number of topics including, the psychology behind asking for a cuppa tea before we start and letting THEM talk!

So I go through what SPIN stands for and the importance of the letter I in SPIN…
S – Situation (let them share)
P – Problem (what is the problem)
I – Intensify (help them see the issue)
N – Need pay off (the benefit of getting the solution)

The call finished with a BANG…literally, a fuse box blew up on my road and we lost the power…

I’ve posted the Cafe Catch Up dates for the rest of the calls in 2022 so you can put them in your diaries.


Enjoy, :wink: