[CCC] Buck – Fear aggression & knowledge transfer


Dear Buck is a lovely dog, however due to his bad start in life he is very fearful of people. Alas, there is no magic wand to wave, there is no fast track to recovery for him. However by keeping him safe and providing a safe scenario for him to move forward and learn how to behave, he can change.

There is no doubt that Buck wants to get to know people more…he wants to connect. I believe with the help of his loving owners he will get there. In these situations you really have to leave your ego at home and just accept that this dog needs time.

Sometimes I don’t touch the dog at all, and in this situation I pushed it a little bit too far—luckily I got away with it! Play it safe folks, don’t take chances. Look to educate the owners. Remember our role is not to “fix the dog” but to give the tools, knowledge and skills to the owners so they can keep the dog, themselves and visitors safe. That is the real skill of a dog trainer in these situations…knowledge transfer.

The best news is that his owners informed me about 4 months after the consult that he is still going from strength to strength. Dogs who are seriously fearful, often take time to overcome their fears and come round.