[CCC] Kaz – the nervous and fearful Border Collie


This is what I would call a very tricky consultation, due to the extreme behaviour of dear Kaz. She is very nervous and fearful, and if we had 2 weeks to work with her we could take things much slower. But since we only have 2 hours, we need to keep things moving, so at times she is really facing her fears.

The great thing is that through trial and error we achieve our goal…eventually! Sometimes in the heat of the moment it’s tricky to keep thinking straight and I feel like I just achieve this in this consult, and manage to set things up outside—where it was a bit more relaxing.

From here we manage to formulate a plan and put it into action! One big thing to take away from this video is to never put your limitations on a dog. This is different from saying you should rush things or push things as much as you can, but simply leave the possibility that in the right situation and circumstances a dog can change. Kaz did…