Full Dog Training Consultation – Maverick & Ruff


This consult with Maverick and Ruff is a great example of how even in a short space of time dogs can change. By putting in place the 5 Golden Rules at home, and then on the leash outside, you get the dog to realise that things are a little different.

In this video you are going to see how fun it can sometimes be working with good people and lovely dogs. I often use my dogs to work with people, however you can see in this video that sometimes you are able to use the dogs that just happen to be passing by.

Always play it safe if you are not sure, and there is never a rush to get things sorted. If people try to push you, simply explain that their dog is not ready yet and that training takes time. If you ask them how long they have been doing the bad behavior, then you can explain that it will take more than a few hours to re-train their dog. Most people understand that concept when you explain it 🙂

At all times you need to be gauging their energy, and if they seem relaxed then it may be appropriate to let them meet other dogs—eventually you may even let them off leash.