Download & Sign & Scan Waiver (Topic)

Sign The Waiver Before Starting The Course

Please download the Waiver document and sign. Once completed, you will need to scan or photograph the pages and combine them into a PDF for uploading here. Once you have uploaded the signed contract you will be able to continue with the course.

Quick instructions:

  1. Download the document from the link below
  2. Print all 3 pages
  3. Initial pages 1 and 2, and sign (and witness) page 3
  4. Scan each page, or photograph using your Phone
  5. Combine the three photos by either:
    — placing the 3 photos onto 3 pages of a Word/Google document and then exporting as a PDF document
    — Or use a mobile app, such as Tiny Scanner, to shoot and produce a combined PDF
  6. Upload your PDF here
  7. Once the Mark Complete button becomes active at the bottom of the page, you can click it to progress to Lesson 1 of the Trainer Academy.

Download the DTA Waiver